There will come a point – usually around age 16 to 18 – when as a young person with diabetes, you will make the move from childhood medical support services and specialists to adult medical care.

  • We offer several clinics that focus on the care of 16 to 25 year olds with type 1 or type 2 diabetes
  • Clinic staff such as diabetes nurse educators and dietitians are from both the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) and the Royal Children’s Hospital

What we do

Transitioning to adult care is a big step and it can be quite daunting to leave behind the team that you may have known and trusted for many years. One of the biggest differences between child and adult health services is the independence that you will gain. But at the same time, you will be expected to learn how to manage and take control of your diabetes yourself.

If you are transitioning to our Young Adults with Diabetes Service (YADS) at the RMH, we hope that the following information answers some of your questions and helps to reassure you that coming to the ‘big people's’ clinic is nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s a friendly place and provides you with the opportunity to meet other young people with diabetes.

Our fantastic team will also do their best to assist you to gain the skills needed to manage your diabetes.

YADS clinics are designed specifically for young people with diabetes who are aged between 18 and 25 years.

When you arrive at the Young Adults with Diabetes clinic
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Are you or someone you know interested in participating in a diabetes research trial at Royal Melbourne Hospital?

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