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Leaving the RMH Royal Park

Getting you home or to your residential care facility as smoothly as possible is our priority.



The Royal Melbourne Hospital is located at the RMH Parkville, the RMH Royal Park, the RMH Elizabeth St as well as in the community. Find out more about the RMH contact and location details.


Home dialysis

The Home Dialysis service is based at the RMH Royal Park and supports both peritoneal dialysis and home haemodialysis.


Visiting the RMH Parkville

Find out about our amenities at the RMH Parkville to plan your visit.


Visiting the ICU

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located on Level 6 in Building B at the RMH Parkville.


Pharmacy RMH Service

We provide services to all areas of the hospital requiring medicines or involved in medication management.


Contact us

Find out the main contact and location information for Mental Health & Wellbeing.


Nutrition & Dietetics RMH Service

We provide assessment and management of nutritional and dietary issues for patients and consumers at both the RMH Parkville and the RMH Royal Park.

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