The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Pathology results are available to authorised clinicians by Electronic Results Transmission (ERT) or the web-based AUSCARE system.

Electronic Result Transmission (ERT)

Your patient's results can be automatically, safely and rapidly downloaded to practice management software via our ERT service provider, HealthLink.

Getting connected to Electronic Result Transmission (ERT)

If you are not yet a HealthLink user, firstly complete the HealthLink Application form.

A confirmation email with your HealthLink EDI username will be sent to you in 2-4 working days. The HealthLink software will be posted to you with instructions. Each practice management software will require integration steps as detailed by HealthLink.

Once that's done, you can apply for ERT using our online form.

Change your existing ERT details

Notify both HealthLink and Pathology Information Management when changing your details.


AUSCARE is the pathology results viewing system for the RMH.

If you don't use clinical practice software and therefore can't use ERT, and you want to access the RMH pathology results, then you can use AUSCARE instead.

You need to apply for AUSCARE access.

If you have already applied, you can login to AUSCARE.


In the absence of an electronic delivery system, hard copy results will be automatically sent to your practice in the mail. We can also provide results by phone or fax.

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