The Victorian Infectious Diseases Service (VIDS) provides comprehensive services to patients with infectious diseases. 

We have a strong focus on links with public health, hospital-acquired infections and optimisation of antibiotic use.

What we do

VIDS provides a full range of infectious diseases services, with a special focus on:

VIDS operates a direct inpatient care ward at the RMH. We also run consultative services to patients being cared for by other RMH services. 

We run specialist clinic services by referral, including viral hepatitis, travel and tropical diseases, refugee and immigrant health, community acquired and health-care associated infections, HIV infection, and tuberculosis. VIDS is also involved in teaching medical students, junior doctors and specialist trainees. 

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Our patients 

We care for patients from all social and cultural backgrounds.

Our team is trained to support patients and families through their experience with our service. The RMH is well prepared to treat patients with highly contagious infectious diseases, with a purpose-built infectious diseases ward, ICU and laboratory facilities, and appropriately trained staff. 

VIDS Ward 9 East corridor
VIDS Ward (9 East) corridor
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Victorian Infectious Diseases Service
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Last updated 14 February 2023