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Our team

We are a dedicated team of clinical nurse consultants, pharmacists and health scientists led by a Medical Director.


TB services for pharmacists

The supply of medications for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) is managed through the Victorian Tuberculosis Program in conjunction with the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Pharmacy.


TB services for healthcare professionals

The Victorian Tuberculosis Program team is an educational resource available for consultation with health professionals about TB and contact management.


Services for people affected by TB

At the Victorian Tuberculosis Program (VTP), we work with you to achieve your healthiest life, through high-quality, culturally responsive care.


VTP services

We provide patient education, support access to medication to treat tuberculosis (TB), conduct contact tracing, undertake workplace TB screening to find infection, and facilitate referrals to other services.


Treatment & vaccination for tuberculosis

Tuberculosis (TB) disease can be treated with antibiotics. Prevention can involve vaccination, screening, contact tracing and education.


Latent tuberculosis

Latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) is an asymptomatic condition that may progress to active tuberculosis (TB), sometimes decades after exposure.


Testing for tuberculosis

Testing for tuberculosis (TB) varies according to the stage of infection and disease and what is the best match for an individual’s circumstances.


Active tuberculosis

Active tuberculosis (TB) is a notifiable disease in Australia. All diagnoses of active TB must be reported to the Department of Health in the state or territory where the diagnosis happened.

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