While we don't have a specific COVID-19 or long COVID Specialist Clinic (Outpatient service), we do accept long COVID patients to our other specialists based on their symptoms and presenting complaints.

Key points

  • The RMH does not have a dedicated COVID-19 or long COVID specialist clinic (outpatient) service
  • Patients can be referred to the most appropriate specific service for care based on their symptoms
Patients need a referral from their GP or healthcare provider. Access referral information

What we do

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) does not have a specific COVID-19 or long COVID-19 specialist clinic (outpatient service). However, we do accept long COVID patients to our other services, depending on symptoms.

Guidelines for referring long COVID patients

The RMH uses the Department of Health guidelines to manage patients with long COVID-19 and requests that GPs and other referrers review these guidelines before referring to the RMH for care. These guidelines list current services that can be considered to provide consultation for post COVID-19 symptoms.

Patients should be referred to the most appropriate specialist for consultation based on their current symptoms and presenting complaints.

Our clinics

Find out more about our Specialist Clinics (Outpatients).

Who can use our service

Long COVID patients are classified as those who have multiple, persistent symptoms that:

  • Have lasted for more than 2 months
  • Developed after, or have been exacerbated by, a COVID-19 infection (at least 3 months ago)
  • Cannot be explained by an alternative diagnosis (that is a diagnosis of probable or confirmed long COVID)

These symptoms must be:

  • Having an impact on daily activities, such as work, study, school or carer role, or
  • Worsening or unresponsive to medical management so requires further advice on, or a review of, the current management plan

A different service should be considered for patients who do not meet these referral criteria.

Who our service is not for

Referral to a public hospital is not appropriate for patients who:

  • Are not able to actively participate in an assessment process or where the patient, or their carer, does not consent to being referred to a public hospital service
  • Do not have a probable or confirmed diagnosis of long COVID
  • Want to receive services as a compensable patient should not be referred to a health service that only provides publicly funded services

We will usually not accept referrals related to occupational physician support or return to work plans.

Where appropriate and available, we may direct referrals for patients eligible for compensable services (such as through WorkSafe) to an alternative specialist clinic or service.

Which service is most appropriate

Patients with single symptoms should be referred to the most appropriate service for that symptom. For example, patients with a single symptom of fatigue should be referred to a rehabilitation service.

The following other statewide referral criteria include reference to post-COVID-19 symptoms:

See 'Referrals' in the health professionals tab below for information to include in a Specialist Clinic referral request.

For patients
For health professionals

Speak to your GP

There are no specific COVID-19 or long COVID services at the RMH.

Speak to your GP about your condition. Your GP can refer you to one of our other services for consultation based on your symptoms.

Attending appointments

Patients will receive information about attending services via a letter.

Follow the advice on that letter about the clinic and location of the service.

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Last updated 15 September 2023