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Research integrity advisors

The RMH's research integrity advisors are a key resource for advice and support with regard to research integrity and misconduct, as well as our processes and procedures relating to research integrity.


REDCap for data collection in research

Research data and metadata must be collected, stored, retained, used and disposed of in a way that protects the rights, safety, and wellbeing of the research participants and wider community. REDCap can help meet these data requirements.


Research integrity

Research integrity is a way of thinking and behaving that ensures that research undertaken is trustworthy.


Research integrity education

Research integrity is a way of thinking and behaving that ensure that research undertaken is trustworthy.


REDCap support

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases


Auditing research projects

Internal audit of research is an important means by which the Royal Melbourne Hospital ensures research auspices is conducted in accordance with good clinical practice (GCP) and approved ethical guidelines


Serious breaches

Serious Breach is a breach of Good Clinical Practice or the protocol that is likely to affect to a significant degree the safety or rights of a research participant or the reliability and robustness of the data generated in the research project.


Safety & adverse event reports

Maintaining and reporting of adverse events and safety information in research will ensure that RMH complies with the NHMRC's National Statement.


Post-approval monitoring

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is required to monitor all approved research until the completion of the project.

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