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Patient Learning Hub

The Patient Learning Hub is a space for you to access information about medicines.


Brain interface proves to be safe and effective News article

A device the size of a small paperclip, created to give people with severe paralysis the ability to communicate again, has been shown to be safe.


Section 2: For projects where participants will be enrolled to the study

Complete section 2 if your project involves participant-facing documents such as information and consent forms, plain language statements, transcripts and survey questions.


Accessing unapproved therapeutic products

The Office for Research assists medical practitioners to provide patients with access to products that have not been approved for use in Australia.


JL Frew Travelling Fellowship

The JL Frew Travelling Fellowship is a research travel grant established in memory of Sir John Frew, one of the Royal Melbourne Hospital's gifted and dedicated clinicians.


Kearton Conference Grant

The Kearton Conference Grant provides funding for staff to present their RMH research at national and international conferences.

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