The Royal Melbourne Hospital, where innovation meets compassionate care. As a leader in healthcare excellence, we are dedicated to advancing medical services and fostering strategic partnerships. 

Our business development initiatives

Our business development initiatives focus on creating synergies with industry leaders, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and expanding our reach to better serve our community. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare as we strive for continual growth, collaboration, and a commitment to exceptional patient outcomes. 

For inquiries and collaboration opportunities, please reach out to the RMH Business Development Manager. 

We look forward to connecting with you to explore mutually beneficial partnerships that advance the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Innovators at the RMH

Have a new idea? We believe in the power of your ideas to make a real difference in healthcare, and insights from all members of the RMH team matter. For support in developing and protecting your idea, email your Business Development Manager at the RMH.

Kwang Lim, Seok Ming Lim, Austin Aung and Claire Robichon
Kwang Lim, Seok Ming Lim, Austin Aung and Claire Robichon