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Volunteers are a highly valued part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) team. Our volunteers are drawn from our diverse community and play an important role in improving people’s experience of care.


Physiotherapy research

The Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Department has an active clinical research program.


AM honours for current and former staff of the RMH News article

Past and present staff members were recognised in the 26 January Honours List.


Sponsor Office

The Office for Research Sponsor Office acts in the capacity of study sponsor on behalf of Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) for regulatory and legal purposes.


Business development

The Royal Melbourne Hospital, where innovation meets compassionate care. As a leader in healthcare excellence, we are dedicated to advancing medical services and fostering strategic partnerships. 


The RMH welcomes first cohort of nursing graduates for 2024 News article

This week the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) welcomed 76 new nursing graduates, marking the first of three intakes for the year. They have commenced their 54-week Transition to Practice Program, which involves rotations in two clinical areas.


Trial to assess a new tablet for plaque psoriasis Research study

Plaque psoriasis is an autoimmune condition characterised by dry, itchy and scaly skin patches. This trial investigates whether people with plaque psoriasis may be able to take an oral treatment to improve the condition.


Assessing a new tablet for plaque psoriasis Research study

Understanding the effect of medication on the body's inflammatory response may lead to new treatments for autoimmune conditions, including psoriasis.


New treatment for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis Research study

Treatments that are highly selective in inhibiting the body's immune response have the potential to increase quality of life for people with plaque psoriasis.


Ritlecitinib in adults with non-segmental vitiligo Research study

This trial is investigating a medication for treating people living with non-segmental vitiligo.

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