Volunteers are a highly valued part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) team. Our volunteers are drawn from our diverse community and play an important role in improving people’s experience of care.

We have paused applications for new volunteers.

Please check back for 2024 application reopening dates.


Do you want to make a difference?

Volunteering can provide you with a knowledge that each and every day you are helping people and making a positive difference.

As well as social interaction and friendship with other volunteers and staff, volunteering also provides opportunities for personal growth and to learn new skills.

Ways to get involved

In 2024, we will be seeking volunteers for the following roles:

  • Ward assist volunteers provide social and emotional support to patients, families and carers on wards across the RMH Parkville and Royal Park sites.
  • Wayfinding volunteers are a friendly and welcoming face, providing essential guiding to assist the 100,00 visitors to the RMH each year.
  • Support volunteers have a diverse skill set and training that allows them to deliver wide ranging patient support across RMH wards and departments.
  • Library trolley volunteers visit wards with a selection of books and magazines to offer patients looking for some reading material and friendly conversation.
  • Residential Aged Care volunteers help with lifestyle programs, Pastoral Care and social support.
  • Administration volunteers provide administrative support across a range of wards and departments.
  • Flower delivery volunteers collect race day event flowers and deliver them to the RMH wards and aged care homes.
  • Posy Day volunteers help put together gorgeous posies to give to patients on Posy Day – an 86-year-old tradition that takes place on the first Tuesday of September – to brighten their day and mark the beginning of spring
  • Virtual volunteering connects patients with volunteers online to have meaningful conversations and reduce loneliness.
Music therapy
Pet therapy
Bridge of Support
Project Twiddles
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Last updated 13 February 2024