We provide support for people with diabetes to achieve their desired blood glucose target with our insulin stabilisation program.

Blood glucose target 

This program is available to the RMH patients who have either:

  • Started using insulin
  • Undergone a change in the type of insulin used
  • Are undergoing steroid or oncology treatment which may affect blood glucose levels. 

The goal of the program is to assist people with diabetes in achieving a desired blood glucose target. You need a referral from an RMH Endocrinology staff member to enrol in the program.


  • Patients must perform a specified number of blood glucose tests. The diabetes Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC) ensures the patients have the necessary equipment and are competent to use it
  • Patients must call the diabetes education service weekly on a specified day and time. The diabetes CNC determines if more frequent contact is required in specific circumstances (for example, illness)
  • Program duration is 6 weeks
  • Patients skills and competence is continually assessed 
  • Patients who do not reach targets during the program are referred back to the referring doctor
  • GPs are sent a letter when their patient starts and successfully completes the stabilisation process
  • Discharge from the program is documented in their medical record and electronic diabetes survey


The program is available to RMH patients who have either:

  • Newly commenced on insulin therapy
  • Undergone a change in their insulin regimen
  • Concurrent steroid or oncology treatment affecting glycaemia

Eligible patients must also either:

  • Be admitted under the Diabetes and Endocrinology service or Diabetic Foot Unit
  • Had a consultation by the RMH endocrinology team during their hospital presentation
  • Attend one of the diabetes or endocrine clinics at the RMH

Documented assessment of the patient’s ability to demonstrate various skills and knowledge is a pre-requisite for enrolment in the program.

Individuals receiving RDNS for insulin management cannot be referred for this service (RDNS require an order written by a medical officer).

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