One organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of 10 or more people.

Key points

  • Organ and tissue donations are medical processes that save and transform lives
  • We have a specialist organ and tissue donation team in ICU
  • We partner with Donate Life Victoria

Sadly, up to 8% of patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit will die. Some of these patients are in the unique position to become organ and tissue donors at the end of their life. 

Through the gift of organ donation, these patients can help others receive life-saving or life-changing transplantation surgery. Organ donation is a central aspect of our holistic end-of life care and the Intensive Care Unit has a dedicated team of specialised nurses and doctors to support hospital staff, patients and families through the organ donation process.

Many people die each year waiting for the gift of a transplant. Some spend weeks or months in hospital, while others make several trips to hospital every week for dialysis or other treatment.

Almost everyone can donate organs and tissues - there is no age limit on the donation of some organs and tissues. The determining factors are where and how a person dies and the condition of their organs and tissues. While your age and medical history will be considered, you shouldn't assume you are too young, too old or not healthy enough to become a donor.

If you wish to find out more about organ donation, don’t hesitate to ask us or head to the Donate Life website.

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What is organ and tissue donation?

Organs and tissues are removed from a donor and transplanted into someone who is very ill or dying from organ failure or into one of the many Australians whose lives are transformed through eye and tissue donations.

Research shows that the majority of Australians support organ and tissue donation.

One organ and tissue donor can transform the lives of 10 or more people. Australia is a world leader for successful transplant outcomes. However, around 1,500 people are on Australian organ transplant waiting lists at any one time.

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Last updated 08 February 2023