479,153 mental health service calls

Last year, our mental health triage service spoke to nearly 500,000 people from Melbourne's CBD, northern and western suburbs needing mental health support for themselves, their loved one or their patient.

Wellbeing and mental health support continues to be a major focus for the RMH. We are always there when it matters most.

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Information, support and specialist mental health services for people experiencing acute mental health problems

Provide support

Information, support and resources for professionals caring for people's mental health and wellbeing

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Older person sitting on park bench

Adult & older adult mental health & wellbeing services

We were the Royal Melbourne Hospital's Mental Health service. We focus on caring for adults and older adults in the inner city and western areas of Melbourne.

Young person looking sad

Child & youth mental health & wellbeing services

Orygen provides our youth mental health and wellbeing services. The Royal Children's Hospital cares for infants and children.

This video shows nurses and doctors walking through the corridors of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. They are interacting with patients.

Sharing lived experience

Our recovery stories showcase the personal narratives and practical advice of people who live with a mental illness, or look after someone with a mental illness.

Consumer and Mental Health staff at CCU

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Mental health incorporates our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. 20% of Australians have or will experience a mental health illness in their lifetime. 

We conduct research for mental health. If you'd like to support our research work, donate now.

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Last updated 13 December 2022