We have vacancies in a range of disciplines and are always seeking passionate and skilled staff to join our team.

Find out how you can make a difference working in mental health services at the RMH.

Beginning your career in mental health

Are you looking to start, advance or consolidate a career in clinical mental health? Join the RMH team and build your career in mental health with us!

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Consumer and carer lived experience workforce

We value the expertise that lived experience brings to our mental health services and are committed to improving our consumer and carer workforce.

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Mental health corporate and admin careers

Corporate and administration careers support the day-to-day operations of our services and help us to plan, monitor and evaluate our services.

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Psychiatry medical careers

We employ medical staff at a senior and junior level across all our clinical services, to help provide excellent clinical care, research and training to our consumers, their family and carers.

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Mental health nursing careers

Our mental health nurses provide high-quality care and support consumers, their families and carers through difficult periods to meet their recovery goals.

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Mental health allied health careers

We offer a range of allied health services across all our clinical programs, services and specialties. 

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Last updated 02 November 2022