There is a range of options about where to get help for your mental health, including your doctor, a mental health professional or community support.

In an emergency, call 000

If you are in an emergency situation where you are worried about your safety or someone else's, call 000 for an immediate response.

If you need to talk, contact Lifeline, SuicideLine or Beyond Blue.

See your GP

We encourage people wanting to discuss their mental health needs to contact their local doctor (GP) first.

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See a general counsellor

Counsellors are professionals who can work with you to talk through your problems and look for possible solutions.

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See a private psychiatrist or psychologist

Psychiatrists and psychologists are mental health professionals who specialise in treating mental illness and difficulties with emotions, behaviour or lifestyle.

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Contact your local mental health community support service

Mental Health Community Support Services support people with severe mental illness and psychiatric disability throughout the recovery process.

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Contact a specialised support service

There is a range of specialised support services available in Victoria to help people with mental health problems.

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Contact a public clinical mental health service

Public mental health services in Victoria provide acute, subacute, specialist, residential, community inpatient and support services.

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Last updated 02 November 2022