We provide support and care for people with chronic and complex health issues to enable clients to better manage their condition in the community and reduce avoidable hospital admissions. 

HARP cardiac services

Chronic heart failure

We provide:

  • Specialist cardiac consultation
  • Monitoring and support of the client and carer's individual needs
  • Multidisciplinary education on medication management, fluid balance, diet and the awareness of the Cardiac Action Plan to reduce recurrence of acute exacerbations
  • 8 week exercise and education program (or home exercise program)
  • Outreach home visits and home exercise program as required

Cardiac coach

We provide telephone coaching post discharge after a cardiac event to reduce coronary risk factors.

HARP diabetes services

Diabetic foot care

We provide evidence-based, best practice management across the care continuum for people with diabetes-related foot complications.

Diabetes co-management service

We provide:

  • Education and self-management support to people with complex diabetes issues
  • Appropriate monitoring, review of treatment and clinical management
  • Coordination of clinical review to other health professionals including the capacity for dietetic and endocrinology review

Find out more about the Diabetic Foot Unit.

HARP HIV service

We provide support for patients who have been diagnosed with HIV:

  • Assessment, support and education for clients with HIV
  • Clinic and outreach support
  • Liaison with RMH VIDS, primary health care services and other providers including HIV community services

HARP medication management service

HARP pharmacists provide consultations and home visits to:

  • Facilitate medication compliance
  • Provide drug information
  • Provide patient counselling and advice on therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Liaise with primary health care providers about the most effective, safe, efficient and economical drug therapy to optimise patient care

HARP respiratory services

We provide:

  • Development of respiratory action plans in liaison with local GP or respiratory physician
  • 8-week pulmonary rehabilitation program
  • Transitional exercise program
  • Outreach home visits and home exercise program as required
  • Support and education for people with complex or new home oxygen
  • Education and support for people with complex discharge issues associated with respiratory disease

HARP care coordination

We provide:

  • Specialist care facilitation in collaboration with the client, GP and other service providers with the aim of sustaining clients in the community
  • Individualised support, which may include education, providing information, advocacy, facilitating connection with community health, housing, employment, mental health or other specialist services
Last updated 08 March 2023