Our Residential In Reach (RIR) is an acute referral service that aims to provide clinical assistance and support for residents at residential aged care facilities (RACFs).

Key points

  • We provide care and support to clients in RACFs as an alternative to coming to the emergency department
  • RIR is a free service staffed 7 days a week by Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs) and Geriatricians (specialist doctors skilled in the care of older people with complex health issues)
  • We accept referrals from RACFs, GPs, Locum doctors, Ambulance Victoria, Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED), emergency departments and hospital wards
Patients need a referral from their GP or healthcare provider. Access referral information

What we do

RIR is an acute referral service that aims to provide assistance for resident at RACFs.

Contact us if you:

  • Are unable to access the resident’s GP (or if the GP is requesting additional RIR support)
  • Are considering sending a resident to the emergency department
  • Need assistance to perform a procedure
  • Need timely clinical advice

What we offer

  • Assessment and management of acutely unwell or deteriorating residents
  • Initial treatment with intravenous therapies (diuretics, antibiotics) - with referrals for ongoing support as needed
  • Acute palliative care support
  • Review of falls and injuries
  • Emergency and routine care of PEG, SPC and IDC
  • Trial of void (TOV)
  • Specialist geriatrician consultation to support GP with complex medical issues/care
  • Iron infusions (requires GP referral)
  • Assessment and management of delirium
  • Support and Advice for Residents with Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms (BPSD) of Dementia
  • Acute wound management advice

Who can use our service

RIR aims to reduce potentially avoidable presentations to the emergency department by providing acute support, early intervention and patient-centred health care in RACFs. It is not intended to replace the primary care provided by general practitioners.

Our team of highly trained nurses have advanced clinical skills and experience and liaise closely with consulting geriatricians from the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), as well as other appropriate community services.

Assessment and follow-up care

The assessment comprises an initial comprehensive consultation and management plan. We liaise with next of kin, facility staff and the Geriatrician from the RMH.

Following initial assessment and treatment, if ongoing or continuing care is required, referral to an appropriate service (including RMH@Home Acute or community/outreach palliative care support) will be made or recommended.

We may also recommend follow up with other community care providers such as:

  • Dementia Support Australia
  • Wound nurse consultant
  • Community Palliative Care Service
  • Private geriatricians

A copy of In Reach’s detailed assessment and management plan will be provided to the RACF and faxed to the resident's GP.

For patients
For health professionals
Head of service
Dr Aaron (Bak Ong) Wong
Contact us
Residential In Reach
7 days a week, including public holidays. 7am-9pm for triage/phone support. 8am-7pm for in-person reviews. Voicemail not staffed outside these hours. Please use alternative after-hours service such as GP Locum, VVED if needing urgent assistance.
0448 570 420
Triage Clinical Nurse Consultant
The RMH Parkville
Level 2 West
300 Grattan St, Parkville, Victoria
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Last updated 19 February 2024