A Telehealth video consultation is much like a regular appointment at the hospital, but you will be seeing and speaking with your specialist online in a video-call using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Telehealth is efficient and convenient, and will save you travel time and expenses.

Start your Telehealth appointment

You will start your Telehealth video consultation at the time of your appointment by selecting the name of the service/department from the list below (for example: Outpatients - Specialist Clinics)



Allied health

Genetics and FCC

Are you new to Telehealth?

Watch this short video to see how to start Telehealth on your computer, laptop or phone

What to expect


How to start

How to start

You can connect using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (such as iPhone or Samsung) with stable internet connection, and Chrome or Safari internet browser.

Remember, you will start the video-call at your appointment time typing your full name, last name, and phone number in the designated fields. Please, stay on the same page when ‘on-hold’ to receive updates and to see when your specialist is online.

If need, run an automatic equipment check anytime in the days leading up to your Telehealth appointment using the button below. This quick test will verify that your device is able to conduct an online video consultation.

Automatic equipment check

If you are having technical issues on the day of your appointment (for example you can't connect) please contact the Telehealth Unit on (03) 9342 8670 (8:00 to 16:30). And if you are disconnected at any point of your video consultation, simply start the video-call again.

What you need

What you need

To have a Telehealth video-call appointment you will need a booked appointment for one of the RMH services or clinics, and a device that connects to the internet with camera and microphone.

To reduce the chances of your device running out of battery during the call, please charge your device before the call and have your charger nearby. We recommend a private, quiet, and well lit room where you are comfortable discussing medical information safely. Have your Medicare card with you, as you may be asked to conform a few details, and have any relevant investigation/ blood test/ medication list you wish to discuss with your specialist.

Download these free guides with more information about your call, and easy steps to answer the most common questions:

More support

More support

If you require more technical support in preparation for your appointment, call the Telehealth Unit on 03 93428670 or use the link below to schedule a guided test call at least three days in advance. We will call you and guide you through the process to ensure your equipment is working correctly and you are comfortable with this technology.

Schedule a guided Test Call

If your appointment involves your GP or local healthcare professional, remember to book a corresponding appointment with them at the same time your RMH Telehealth appointment is scheduled for. If it’s the first time for your GP to assist with a Telehealth video-consultation, a test call can be a great way to guarantee high quality service.

Carers and family members can be invited to attend appointments remotely, starting the video-call in the same way as the person the appointment is booked for. When staff joins your video-call, inform them that other attendees are also in the online Waiting Area.

The RMH offers video-interpreter service for Telehealth video-call appointments and translated guides to accessing Telehealth video-call in languages other than English are available on this page.

Other languages

With Telehealth, you don't have to travel to Melbourne for your appointments, so you can attend a clinic appointment via video while you're at home, work, or with your local health care practitioner (GP).

Need help?

If you need assistance, contact the Telehealth Team and we will be happy to help you.

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RMH staff can use the staff Telehealth login.