With Telehealth, you don’t have to travel to Melbourne for your appointments, so you can attend a clinic appointment via video call while you're at home, work, or with your local health care practitioner (GP).

Start your Telehealth appointment

To start your video call, select the name of your Telehealth service from the list below


Allied health

Visiting a patient


Are you new to Telehealth?

Watch this short video to see how to start Telehealth on your computer, laptop or phone

What to expect


Before your appointment

Before your appointment

Is Telehealth right for you?

Ask your doctor if you could have Telehealth appointments in the future. If you need blood tests or imaging tests, your treating team will talk to you about getting these tests done near you before your Telehealth appointment.

If your doctor suggested Telehealth for your next appointment and you'd like to know more, schedule a test call with our friendly staff.

Schedule a Telehealth test call before your appointment

Call (03) 9342 8670 between Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm to schedule a test call, or schedule a test call online using the button below:

Schedule a Telehealth test call

Once you have a Telehealth appointment booked, you can schedule a guided one-on-one test call with our Telehealth team. We will phone you on the day you indicated.

Please make your test call booking at least two days prior to your appointment to ensure your equipment is working correctly and you are comfortable with this technology.

Will your Telehealth appointment take place at your local GP Clinic?

If you need the help of your GP with Telehealth then remember to book an appointment with your GP for the same time your Telehealth appointment is scheduled. Your GP can see which RMH clinics are actively doing Telehealth by visiting the desired ‘Services & Clinics’ page on this website. If it’s the first time for your GP to host a Telehealth consult, or video-conference, a test call can be a great way to guarantee high quality service.

Changing or cancelling your Telehealth appointment

To change your appointment time or if you would prefer to come to your appointment in person, you can contact us to change or cancel your appointment or call 03 9342 7393.

On the day of your appointment

On the day of your appointment

Testing your equipment

To ensure that your device can be used for Telehealth appointments, you can run a test call to check your camera, microphone, speakers and internet connection speed:
Run a test call

This will open in a new window to run the tests. You won’t be connected to any RMH Clinic and you will need to close the window and then press on "Start video call" to begin your appointment.

Starting a Telehealth video call

Remember YOU will need to start the video call at your appointment time. The video below shows you how to start yor video call:

Telehealth appointments work just like face-to-face ones and our clinics run on a schedule. You will start the call by selecting the name of your Telehealth appointment near the top of this page. Our staff will greet you and transfer you to an online waiting area where your doctor will see you.

Have your Medicare card with you, as you may be asked to confirm a few details.

We will answer your call as soon as possible. Doctors see patients in order of appointment whether you arrive in person or via Telehealth. As our clinics are in great demand, delays can occur and we appreciate your patience.

Who to contact

If you are having technical troubles on the day of your Telehealth appointment (for example you can't connect) please contact the Telehealth team on 03 9342 8670.

If you have concerns you can contact us to change or cancel your appointment.

Eligibility and resources

Eligibility and resources

Are you eligible for Telehealth?

You may be eligible if:

  • You live in a rural or regional area (known as "classification RA2 – 5"). You can find Telehealth-friendly GP clinics on the Australian college of Rural and Remote Medicine website
  • You are a resident of an aged care facility
  • You are attending an Aboriginal medical service
  • Your clinician agrees that Telehealth is suitable for you

Equipment for Telehealth

To make a Telehealth video call you will need:

  • An appointment for one of the RMH clinics
  • A reasonably up-to-date computer (with a webcam, microphone and speakers), a tablet, or a smart phone
  • Google Chrome, or Safari browser
  • Somewhere quiet to have your consultation

Telehealth guides

Download these free guides with more information about your call, and easy steps to answer the most common equipment questions:

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With Telehealth, you don't have to travel to Melbourne for your appointments, so you can attend a clinic appointment via video while you're at home, work, or with your local health care practitioner (GP).

Need help?

If you need assistance, contact the Telehealth Team and we will be happy to help you.

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RMH staff can use the staff Telehealth login.