Telehealth enables patients to have video appointments with our specialists using their own smartphone, tablet or computer.

A patient visiting their RMH doctor via Telehealth
A patient visiting their RMH doctor via Telehealth

The RMH is committed to improving access to healthcare for our community. Online videoconferencing, known as Telehealth, is available for our rural, regional or interstate patients when clinically appropriate.

You can complete the Telehealth video conference call by yourself at your home or even your workplace. You may also choose to have a support person with you such as a carer or your local health care practitioner.

For Medicare card holders, consultations can be bulk-billed.

Updates to Telehealth from 1 September 2019

Although the screens may look different, the appointment sign-in process is the same. Watch this video to find out how you'll connect to Telehealth from 1 September.

Start a Telehealth call

Press the button below to start a call. RMH Staff can use the staff Telehealth login.


You may be eligible if you:

Clinic availability

Telehealth is available for all Royal Melbourne Hospital clinics at the City Campus and the Royal Park Campus. If you are an eligible person attending a clinic, please speak with your doctor about the option of a future Telehealth appointment.

Mental health Telehealth services can be accessed via the NorthWestern Mental Health website.

What do I need to make a Telehealth video call?

You can check your computer, phone or tablet and its internet connection to see if you will be able to use Telehealth. For example, you need to check that your camera and speakers are working. Press the test call button for this.

You will need a reasonable internet connection and one of these:

  • desktop computer can be Windows PC or an Apple Mac. The Google Chrome browser is required. You will have to have a webcam (usually with a built in microphone) connected
  • laptop / notebook computer with the Google Chrome browser installed. A webcam and microphone is usually built into these
  • Android smartphone or tablet with Google Chrome browser installed
  • iPhone or iPad use Safari to visit this page on our website and to enter the call. The Healthdirect video call app is no longer required for Apple devices

Guided Telehealth test call

Once you are ready, you can make a booking with our Telehealth team for a guided, one-on-one test call. Please make your test call booking at least 3 days prior to your appointment.

Schedule a Telehealth test call