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The RMH Royal Park

The RMH Royal Park specialises in caring for and supporting people after a stay at the main hospital, or who have special needs.


What’s around the RMH Royal Park

If you are coming to the hospital or visiting a friend, have spare time and need something to do, there's a range of things to see near the RMH Royal Park.


Flowers at the RMH Royal Park

Potted plants and flowers are a wonderful gift for patients and can certainly brighten up their bedside area and help their emotional wellbeing.


About rehabilitation

Rehabilitation programs prescribe therapies and treatments to patients following injury, illness or surgery to get them back to their usual mobility and everyday living activities.


Where do I go at the RMH Royal Park

When you arrive, if you are unsure where to go, ask one of our friendly staff at Reception. Our Reception is located near the car park, via Gate 1.


Our wards at the RMH Royal Park

Each ward at the RMH Royal Park specialises in treating, caring for and supporting patients with particular conditions.


Paying your bill at the RMH Royal Park

Do you need to pay your hospital bill? Go to the Cashier on the Ground Level of the Administration Building beside the Park Street exit, immediately inside Gate 5.

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