We provide anaesthesia services as well as acute postoperative pain management and tertiary trauma care.

Key points

  • Our Anaesthesia service provides 24 hour perioperative services
  • We provide care to patients in our 16 main operating theatres as well as our other procedure rooms
  • We are also one of the few referral services for malignant hyperthermia testing in Australia

What we do

Our Anaesthesia service provides 24-hour perioperative services including:

  • Pre-anaesthesia assessment
  • Anaesthesia to surgical patients
  • Anaesthesia in areas outside of the operating suite 
  • Acute postoperative pain management
  • Tertiary trauma care

The RMH has 16 main operating theatres, three day procedure rooms, three cardiology catheter laboratories and two radiology procedure rooms, which cater for all major types of adult surgery and procedures (with the exception of obstetrics and gynaecology).

Anaesthesia and Pain Management is one of the few referral services for malignant hyperthermia testing in Australia. Genetic testing is a recent addition to the service and is opening up the possibility of interesting research and a more complete understanding of this condition.

The department has an acute pain service with active research and education programs. We are actively involved in perioperative medicine, with multidisciplinary clinics in collaboration with surgeons, physicians, geriatricians and other allied health professionals.

We also provide specialist assessment and management for people experiencing persistent pain through our Pain Management service.

Find out more about our clinical initiatives and training courses and anaesthesia research

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Head of service
Prof Daryl Williams
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Last updated 11 January 2023