We provide clinical assessment and management to patients referred to specialist clinics with musculoskeletal conditions.

Key points

  • We provide assessment for a range of musculoskeletal problems
  • We will thoroughly assess a patient's condition and arrange a management plan, in conjunction with medical specialists where required
  • Referrals to orthopaedic or neurosurgery clinics may be triaged to our advanced practice physiotherapy clinics if appropriate for a patient's care

What we do

Advanced practice physiotherapists (APPs) are experienced senior physiotherapists with postgraduate qualifications.

In specialist clinics (outpatients), our APPs offer patients with musculoskeletal conditions timely access to expert assessment and management. Credentialed staff can help patients get faster access to investigations and surgical, rheumatological and physiotherapy services.

Our APPs work collaboratively with the relevant specialist teams, including orthopaedics, rheumatology and neurosurgery to provide high-quality, evidence-based patient care.

In the Emergency Department (ED), APPs independently assess and manage patients presenting to ED with musculoskeletal injuries and spinal pain, with support from other ED and specialty team members as required.

Why see an APP if you've already seen a physiotherapist?

APPs are triage clinicians and will perform a thorough assessment of the condition and implement a management plan for the patient.

They do not provide a routine physiotherapy treatment. 

Our advanced practice services

Our APPs work across the following services and clinics:

  • Emergency Department 
  • Back Assessment Clinic (BAC)
  • Neurosurgery Clinic 
  • Orthopaedic Spine Clinic
  • Rapid Access eD Back Assessment Clinic (RADBAC)
  • Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee Service (OAHKS)
  • Joint Replacement Service (JRS)
  • Shoulder and Upper Limb Clinics
  • Soft Tissue Injury Clinic
For patients
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What to bring

Every time you come

Every time you come in for a test, day procedure, surgery or treatment, you should bring:

  • Medicare card
  • Health Care card (if you have one)
  • Concession card (if you have one)
  • Adverse drug alert card (if you have one)
  • Medications you are currently taking, including any that you have bought without a prescription
  • X-ray films, scans, ultrasounds or any other test results you have which are related to your procedure
  • Private health insurance card (if you want to use it)
  • Aids (glasses, hearing aid, walking frame)

For a clinic appointment

If you come for a clinic appointment, you should also bring:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Any special items listed on your letter
  • Your appointment book (if relevant)
  • TAC or WorkCover claim number

What will happen at the clinic?

You will be asked about:

  • Your problem
  • Your general health including any past medical problems and surgeries
  • Previous investigations and treatments (including pain relief medications) that you have tried
  • Your current medications

After talking about your problem, you will then be examined. This will involve undressing parts of your body to look at and feel the affected body part.

Please wear suitable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment.

The clinician will then discuss your problem and a management plan to help you, which may include:

  • Doing more tests
  • Trying other treatments
  • Referral to another specialist clinic
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Last updated 30 August 2023