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Pharmacy RMH Service

We provide services to all areas of the hospital requiring medicines or involved in medication management.


Lending program is all heart News article

The iPad lending program is an exciting new program for heart failure patients at the RMH.


Nutrition and Dietetics RMH Service

We provide assessment and management of nutritional and dietary issues for patients and consumers at both the RMH Parkville and the RMH Royal Park.


Medical Imaging RMH Service

The RMH Medical Imaging service is located at the RMH Parkville. Find out more about the Medical Imaging contact and location details.


Anaesthesia and Pain Management courses

The Royal Melbourne Hospital's Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management runs courses throughout the year for health professionals.


Hotels, motels and apartments

Do you need to stay at a hotel, motel or apartment while a loved one is in hospital or while you are receiving treatment?



Pay phones are located in various areas around the RMH Parkville and the RMH Royal Park. 


Casual work

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Nursing Workforce Unit provides the opportunity for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, health assistant in nursing and clerks to enjoy the flexibility of casual work. 


Legal advice

Inner Melbourne Community Legal provides free legal advice for patients.


Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology RMH Service

We work with patients to deliver the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition to gain as much movement and physical independence as possible.

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