Wellbeing is about more than just about physical health - it is combination of physical, mental, emotional and social health factors that together reflect how you feel. 

We know coming to hospital can be a confronting and daunting experience, and our support services are here to guide you and make that experience as smooth as possible. 

As well as taking care of your physical health, there are services around the hospital that support other aspects of our patients' and consumers' wellbeing. 

Welcome to our garden at Mental Health CCU
Garden at CCU

Outdoor spaces

The Mooroop Wa-Lam-Buk Garden at the RMH Parkville is a relaxing and welcoming outdoor garden for our patients, consumers, staff and visitors to escape the hospital environment.

We also have outdoor spaces at the RMH Royal Park and our mental health Community Care Unit.

Tube feeding space

There is a private tube feeding room accessible from the front foyer of the Grattan Street entrance at the RMH Parkville. 

This is for the use of patients who due to their treatment may be unable to consume their foods orally. 

This room has been made possible by the support of The RMH Foundation to help us continue to support our cancer patients and their loved ones during their time with us.


The RMH has a collection of reading materials available for patients on our wards, including books and magazines. 

Please speak to someone on your ward about arranging some of these materials delivered to you. 

Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Our Pastoral and Spiritual Care team supports people as they journey through times of illness and associated uncertainty. 

There is also a multi-faith Sacred Space available for all to visit for meditation, prayer or just a quiet space away from the hospital. It is located in the Retail Precinct, Ground Floor between the RMH and the Royal Women's Hospital. For Muslims there is an ablutions and prayer room.

Find out more about Spiritual Care.

Man playing guitar

Music therapy

You may see members of the Music Therapy team performing around the hospital during your visit. 

Music Therapy uses evidence-based practice to promote relaxation, reduce stress and relieve discomfort. It is also used to help people recover their speech after an injury or stroke. The power of music to connect and help with recovery was highlighted during by the pandemic by the RMH Scrub Choir, with frontline staff from the RMH coming together to provide music therapy to lift spirits both in Victoria and around the world. The choir has since performed virtually and in person, including at the RISING festival in Melbourne in 2022. 

The RMH Scrub Sessions are virtual interviews and unplugged music jams hosted by the Head of the RMH Scrub Choir, Dr Emma O’Brien OAM, with a series of special guests. The RMH Scrub Sessions broadens our message of kindness to our community and features music and wellbeing inspiration, tips and special performances.

The RMH Scrub Choir performances and the RMH Scrub Sessions interviews are also available to watch on The RMH YouTube Channel. The Music Therapy team are on Spotify with curated playlists of mood-enhancing music, as well as the RMH Scrub Choir performances and the RMH Scrub Sessions episodes. 

Find out more about how to access Music Therapy services.

The RMH Scrub Sessions

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) is proud to present "Scrub Sessions" to support our staff, patients and the community through these difficult times.

Find out more
Volunteer to play music in the hospital

Music Therapy welcomes volunteers who wish to come in and play music in general areas of the hospital.

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Last updated 29 August 2023