All clinical and patient areas at the RMH Parkville are accessible for people with disabilities.

Getting around

Access routes around the hospital are signposted.

All buildings and floors are accessible by lift. Most lifts used by patients and visitors have braille buttons and audible level announcements.


Wheelchairs are available for use while at the hospital. If you need a wheelchair, you can get one:

  • Near the car park office or near the Transit Lounge, South East Building, Ground Level. You need a gold coin to unlock these wheelchairs. When you have finished using the wheelchair, you can return it to either the carpark or near the Transit Lounge and get your gold coin refunded.
  • From a volunteer. Volunteers can be found in the main entrance, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. They have wheelchairs and will happily transport to you around the hospital.

If you are in the car park and need a wheelchair, or assistance getting to or from your appointment, use the phone next to the car park office and call (03) 9342 7259 for help.

Clinical assistant pushing wheelchair
Clinical assistant pushing wheelchair

Pickup and drop off by car or taxi

If you arrive by taxi, the taxi rank is right outside the main entrance of the hospital on Grattan Street. There is an access ramp into the hospital. If you need assistance, ask a staff member or volunteer to help you.

You can also be dropped off outside Melbourne Private Hospital on Royal Parade.

If you want to leave by taxi, there are two phones in the atrium foyer - one just inside the Grattan Street entrance doors and the other near doors leading into the main foyer.


There are 18 reserved disabled parking bays in the RMH car park.

Find out about parking near the RMH Parkville.

Links & documents

The RMH Parkville site plan (620KB - pdf document)
A map of all the buildings, wards and units at each level of the RMH Parkville
Last updated 14 December 2022