Find out about our amenities at the RMH Royal Park to plan your visit.

Are you coming to hospital for a clinic appointment or rehabilitation? Looking for information about how to get to the hospital, where to park and the facilities available at the hospital?

Find out more about visiting the RMH Royal Park.

Access to the RMH Royal Park

All clinical and patient areas at the RMH Royal Park are accessible for people with disabilities.

Day leave

Some patients may go home on day leave, or carers can come into the ward to practice the activities needed to care for the patient at home.

Flowers at the RMH Royal Park

Potted plants and flowers are a wonderful gift for patients and can certainly brighten up their bedside area and help their emotional wellbeing.

Food, drink and shops at the RMH Royal Park

We have a variety of places near the hospital to buy foods, snacks and drinks.

Leaving the RMH Royal Park

Getting you home or to your residential care facility as smoothly as possible is our priority.

Newspapers at the RMH Royal Park

Would you like a regular newspaper while you are staying at the RMH Royal Park?

Paying your bill at the RMH Royal Park

Do you need to pay your hospital bill? Go to the Cashier on the Ground Level of the Administration Building beside the Park Street exit, immediately inside Gate 5.

Sending and receiving mail at the RMH Royal Park

If you're staying at the RMH for a longer period of time, people can send mail to you.

Washing clothes

You can do your own washing at the RMH Royal Park.

What's around the RMH Royal Park

If you are coming to the hospital or visiting a friend, have spare time and need something to do, there's a range of things to see near the RMH Royal Park.

Where do I go at the RMH Royal Park

When you arrive, if you are unsure where to go, ask one of our friendly staff at Reception. Our Reception is located near the car park, via Gate 1.

Your security at the RMH Royal Park

While you stay at the RMH Royal Park, your security is important to us.

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The RMH Royal Park
The RMH Royal Park
34-54 Poplar Rd, Parkville, Victoria
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Visitors & visiting hours

We welcome visitors. They improve a patient's recovery and the communication between patients, families and staff.

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Justice of the Peace

Our Justice of the Peace (JP) service is currently closed.

Last updated 14 December 2022