Not sure what to bring with you? We can help you.

When you come to the hospital for a clinic appointment, day procedure or an overnight (or longer stay), there are certain things you need to bring with you to help us care for you and to make you safe and comfortable:

  • When you book your appointment, your confirmation letter or phone call explains what to bring
  • If you come in to a Pre-Admission Clinic for surgery, our staff will call you and tell you what to bring
  • We tell you what to bring in the For patients section on every service and clinic page of this website

If you are not sure what to bring and what to leave at home, call the enquiry phone number on your letter, or ask one of our staff.

Clothing and footwear

We advise wearing comfortable clothes if you're coming into hospital for an appointment or overnight.

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Dentures, glasses and aids

If you're coming into hospital for a procedure or an overnight stay (or longer), don't forget to bring your dentures, glasses, hearing or walking aids.

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Your medication

When you come to hospital, bring your medication with you, including non-prescription or complementary therapy medicines.

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Don't bring valuables

We are committed to caring for you, and we do not have the facilities to be responsible for your valuables.

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Glasses resting on an open book
Glasses resting on an open book
Last updated 08 February 2023