Each ward at the RMH Parkville specialises in treating, caring for and supporting patients with particular conditions.

Nurse attending to patient on Ward 2B
Nurse attending to patient on Ward 2B

RMH Parkville

Our ward teams are experts in their field, led by Nurse Unit Managers. Find out more about each ward at the RMH Parkville.

Ground floor

Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
Transit Lounge

Level 2

Ward 2 South East (2SE)
Ward 2 West (2W)

Level 3

Ward 3 East 23/24 Hour Unit (3E)
Ward 3 East Admissions
Ward 3 South (3S)
Ward 3 South West (3SW)

Level 4

Ward 4 South East Acute Care of the Elderly (4SE)
Ward 4 South Neurosurgery (4S)

Level 5

Ward 5 North (5N)
Ward 5 South East (5SE)
Ward 5 South West (5SW)
Ward 5 West Day Medical Centre (5W)

Level 6

Ward 6 South East Cardiothoracics (6SE)
Ward 6 South West Kidney & Endocrinology (6SW)
Ward 6 West Dialysis (6W)

Level 7

Ward 7 South East (7SE)
Ward 7 South West Orthopaedics (7SW)
Ward 7 West Palliative Care (7W)

Level 9

Ward 9 East (9E)
Ward 9 West (9W)

B building

Ward 2B & Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Ward 7B Clinical Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplant (7B)
Ward 8B Neurology & Stroke (8B)
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The RMH Parkville
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Map of the RMH Parkville

Need help to find your way around the RMH Parkville?

Download the RMH Parkville site plan to see what's on each level.

Last updated 02 February 2023