As part of our service to researchers, collaborators and sponsors, we have compiled a knowledge bank of essential elements required to setup and conduct a research project.

New and ongoing developments in health promotes knowledge that enables the best possible service to our patients and the Victorian community by the translation of discovery into better clinical care.

To navigate the requirements of the life cycle of a project, researchers and research teams need to access to relevant information, policy and guidelines.

In this section

Privacy in medical research

Australian legislation at the federal and state and territory levels provides some protection of privacy of personal information.

REDCap for data collection in research

Research data and metadata must be collected, stored, retained, used and disposed of in a way that protects the rights, safety, and wellbeing of the research participants and wider community. REDCap can help meet these data requirements.

Research integrity

Research integrity is a way of thinking and behaving that ensures that research undertaken is trustworthy.

Policies, guidelines and SOPs

National and international policies, guidelines and regulations prescribe best practice to ensure research is conducted to the highest governance and ethical standards possible.

Our research reflects the health concerns and needs of our communities, and is consistent with our strategic plan: Advancing health for everyone, every day.

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