Internal audit of research is an important means by which the Royal Melbourne Hospital ensures research auspices is conducted in accordance with good clinical practice (GCP) and approved ethical guidelines

Categories of audit

There are two categories of audit for research conducted at the RMH:

  • Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) audits
  • Office for Research instigated audits (includes onsite audits conducted by the Office for Research, self-audits requested by the Office for Research and annual self-audits submitted with the annual report)

For more information on research auditing practice at the RMH, download our Audit Report: Frequently Asked Questions.

Audit informing education

Internal Audit of research is also an educational activity aimed at improving the quality and maintaining compliance of research at RMH. Through these reviews, additional training and education is provided to support the research team if required.

We ask that you forward any audit reports and details of corrective and preventive actions arising from external audits (such as sponsor audits or regulatory inspections) to the Office for Research to support training and education activities.

Forward the report to with the subject line “Audit report".

The findings of audits are also aggregated and used to inform the training and education program and materials provided by the Office for Research to its research staff. 

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