Complete section 2 if your project involves participant-facing documents such as information and consent forms, plain language statements, transcripts and survey questions.

2a. Participant information and consent form

Complete a Participant Information and Consent Form (PICF) if the study involves participants from whom you are obtaining consent. Different templates are available on the Department of Health website. Use the template(s) that are appropriate for the type of research you are conducting.

Participant information and consent forms

Participant information & consent form guidelines (773KB - pdf document)
Guideline for writing PICFs using plain English

Contact details for the PICF

Include the following details in the PICF when the RMH is the reviewing HREC

Reviewing HREC approving this research and HREC Executive Officer details

Include the following details in the RMH PICF for site complaints

Complaints contact person at the RMH

2b. Other participant-facing documents

Depending on the study, the other documents may include:

  • Letters of invitation
  • Transcripts for telephone contact
  • Wallet cards
  • Participant diaries
  • Questionnaires/self-assessment tools
  • Advertising materials
  • Radio scripts
  • Social Media text/scripts

Submit all other documents requiring ethical review in MS Word format only.

Please do not send any files in PDF format.