The Office for Research has monthly deadlines for submission of new research project applications for review by the RMH Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

HREC submission and meeting dates 2023

Submission date (AEST 11am deadline) HREC meeting date
Wednesday 25 January Wednesday 8 February
Wednesday 22 February Wednesday 8 March
Wednesday 29 March Wednesday 19 April
Wednesday 26 April Wednesday 10 May
Wednesday 31 May Wednesday 14 June
Wednesday 28 June Wednesday 12 July
Wednesday 26 July Wednesday 9 August
Wednesday 30 August Wednesday 13 September
Wednesday 27 September Wednesday 11 October
Wednesday 25 October Wednesday 8 November
Wednesday 29 November Wednesday 13 December

HREC submission and meeting dates 2024

Submission date (AEST 11am deadline) HREC meeting date
Wednesday 31 January Wednesday 14 February
Wednesday 28 February Wednesday 13 March
Wednesday 3 April Wednesday 17 April
Monday 22 April Wednesday 8 May
Wednesday 29 May Wednesday 12 June
Wednesday 26 June Wednesday 10 July
Wednesday 31 July Wednesday 14 August
Wednesday 28 August Wednesday 11 September
Wednesday 25 September Wednesday 9 October
Wednesday 6 November Wednesday 20 November
Wednesday 27 November Wednesday 11 December

Review process

After submission deadline each month, all projects received will be carefully checked to ensure that projects meet the criteria required to allow a thorough review of the project.

Any project not meeting these criteria in full will not be accepted for review at the next HREC meeting and will be returned to the principal researcher for attention.

Submission of a new research project by the 11am deadline is not a guarantee that a project will be accepted for review by the HREC at its next meeting.

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