We have been active in the arena of environmental sustainability for many years.

In 2011, we introduced our Think Green Strategy, which promotes our Think Green vision to be recognised as an industry leader in environmental sustainability and outlines our priorities over four years. This vision reflects our clear desire to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce the greenhouse gases we produce.

By thinking green, we aim to develop a culture of caring for the environment, which is supported by the actions and initiatives of both the organisation and our people. In order to achieve this vision, the Think Green Strategy sets five organisational objectives:

  • Drive a Think Green culture
  • Embed sustainability in business practices
  • Improve resource efficiency, focusing on waste management
  • Create synergies through strategic partnerships
  • Where practical, create opportunities to achieve greener facilities
  • Our Environmental Sustainability Policy supports waste minimisation, reduction of power, water and natural resource consumption and sustainable procurement and promotes the regular monitoring and reporting of our environmental performance.

We report annually on our environmental performance. In previous years we have reported our achievements in the annual report. We are changing our reporting format to a more data based approach and have designated 2013-14 as our baseline year for future environmental reports.