Our GP Liaison team helps GPs to navigate services at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and works to improve communication between the hospital and GPs.

Located at the Royal Park Campus, the GP Liaison Unit works across all areas of the Royal Melbourne Hospital to improve communication and collaboration with General Practice.

Some of the activities we are involved in include:

  • Improving communication with GPs through outpatient letters, discharge summaries and notification of patient events such as admissions and discharges, outpatient appointments and elective surgical waitlist additions
  • Advocating for the needs of General Practice when planning new services or programs and ensuring that new initiatives are communicated to General Practice in a timely manner
  • Assisting GPs to access appropriate services (inpatient, outpatient, emergency) for their patients by responding to phone and email enquiries

Secure Messaging and My Health Record

Melbourne Health sends inpatient and Emergency Department discharge summaries to GP by Argus Secure Messaging.

If your practice does not use Argus, the discharge summaries are sent by fax.

In the coming months, all the GP notifications (patient admission, discharge, death, outpatients and elective surgery waitlist) will transition from fax to Argus secure messaging.

If your practice would like to receive correspondence from the RMH electronically, you need to subscribe to Argus secure messaging.

Requesting patient information

There is now a streamlined process for requesting patient information from Health Information Services at the RMH:

Patient informationComplete the Patient Information Request eForm and fax to Health Information Services
Radiology reports GPs can sign up to receive reports automatically by fax
Pathology resultsGPs can receive results electronically via Healthlink or access the web based Auscare viewer


Contact us if you need an accessible version of a download.

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