SpineCare is a professional development course and training program for clinicians who treat people with back and neck pain.

What is SpineCare?

SpineCare is a multidisciplinary training program aiming to enhance evidence-based knowledge and pragmatic clinical skills of physiotherapists who treat people with spinal pain.

This course is interactive and facilitates integration into clinical practice, using quizzes, manual therapy training, motor control, individualized exercise prescription and case studies. Specialists present on biological and psychosocial aspects of lumbar and cervical disorders, including surgical and conservative management options. 

Training sessions aim to enhance exercise and manual therapy skills, as well as build advanced reasoning and clinical problem-solving skills.

Who is SpineCare for?

SpineCare is a professional development course for clinicians who:

  • Want to improve their knowledge and skill in managing back and neck pain
  • Would like to learn from neurosurgical and orthopaedic spinal surgeons, rheumatologists, pain physicians, and psychologists about their perspectives in managing spinal pain
  • Would value pragmatic clinical training with specialist and senior musculoskeletal physiotherapists

About the SpineCare 2023 program

SpineCare 2023 starts Monday 15 May 2023.

It is a 33-hour training program, spread over 12 weeks.

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Last updated 17 March 2023