We are an education and training facility committed to improving workforce learning and patient safety outcomes by delivering innovative simulation-based courses and programs.

These courses are targeted towards improving patient care and reducing clinical risk.

Melbourne clinical simulation centre training

What we offer

We value inter-professional learning and strive to recreate life-like clinical scenarios where clinicians can be challenged, stimulated and supported to learn commonly performed skills and procedures, manage acutely ill and deteriorating patients and develop the non-technical and teamwork skills required to improve patient safety, within a risk-free environment.

Paramount is providing an environment for simulation-based education encompassing a range of modalities, which supports clinicians in improving skills and knowledge, while facilitating safe, high-quality person-centred care.

Simulation-based education

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ACDM (Advanced Clinical Decision Making) course
ACTION (Acute Critical and Threatening Incidents Occurring Needlessly) course
ALS1 (Advanced Life Support Level 1)
eALS2 (e-Advanced Life Support Level 2)
ALS2 (Advanced Life Support Recertification Level 2)
BASIC (Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care) course
CALS (Cardiac Advanced Life Support) course
CRASH (Critical Care, Resuscitation and Airway Skills in High Fidelity Simulation) course
Fundamentals of ECG Interpretation and Management
MCEC (Melbourne Clinical Exam Course)
STAR (Skills Training for Anaesthetic Registrars) course
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CRASH course
STAR course
Last updated 21 November 2023