There are many opportunities across the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) to grow your nursing career. Gain introductory knowledge in speciality areas in our tailor-made 6 to 12-month RISE programs.

The Registered nurse Introduction to Specialty Education (RISE) Programs aims to support nurses to develop their clinical knowledge and skills in a specialty area of nursing practice. The program provides nurses with a structured career pathway, relevant to clinical nursing and has been designed to advance clinical practice through evidence-based theoretical and clinical education.

In the RISE program you will:

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Apply concepts to clinical practice
  • Contribute to the specialist healthcare team

RISE Assistant Director of Nursing Hollie Prescott gives an overview of the RMH RISE Programs.

Streams we offer

We offer a variety of streams across our RISE programs. Stream availability is subject to change.

Cardiac Care (Cardiology and Cardiothoracics)
Day Medical
General Medical and Gastroenterology (Internal applicants only)
General Medical and Respiratory Medicine
General Surgery
Haematology/Bone Marrow Transplant
Infectious Diseases
Intensive Care
Nurse Resource Transition Pool (NRTP)
Perioperative Services
Kidney (renal)
Trauma (Orthopaedics and Plastics)

Course structure

RISE content is delivered across a range of modalities.

Online modules
Professional development days
Program hurdles
Clinical education support

Applications and eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria for the RISE programs include:

  • Undergraduate Bachelor of Nursing or equivalent
  • Diploma of Nursing *stream dependent
  • Successful completion of graduate nurse program (GNP) or equivalent
  • Employment within the Royal Melbourne Hospital at minimum of 0.6EFT in clinical area offering the program for the duration of the program
  • Successful application and enrolment into the RISE program as agreed by the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM), Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE) and Course Coordinator

Future pathways

After the RISE Program, participants will continue to be supported as an integral member of the Royal Melbourne Hospital workforce. Participants may also consider a career pathway that includes completion of a university-affiliated postgraduate program.

Visit Postgraduate Nurse Program for more information about tertiary affiliations and streams offered to progress your career at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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