Returning to work can be a big challenge, with the period of leave often resulting in reduced confidence levels and feelings of inadequacy in performing tasks that were previously straightforward.

Staff member in full PPE practises airway training on dummy

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The CRASH course is based on the very successful "Gas Again" course, a return-to-work course for anaesthetists that has been running in the United Kingdom. They found all candidates considered it a useful course within a structured return-to-work package

The course involves the following:

  1. ALS - arrest and peri-arrest scenarios
  2. Airway skills – videolaryngoscopy, fibreoptic skills and management of "can’t intubate can’t oxygenate" scenario
  3. High-fidelity simulation scenarios of critical anaesthetic emergencies
  4. Problem-based learning discussions (PBLDs) of obstetric and paediatric emergencies

The course aims to not only help participants relearn practical skills and experience simulated anaesthetic critical events, but provide them with the confidence to return to work with individualised practical advice on the day of the course.


There is a high faculty-to-participant ratio to provide individual attention.

All the faculty have an interest in medical education and prior experience of returning to work after a period of leave:

  • Janette Wright (convenor)   
  • Kara Allen (convenor)    
  • Elizabeth Leslie
  • Patricia Newell
  • Barbara Heath
  • Allanah Scott
  • Sheila Barnett
  • Juliana Kok
  • Cath Pedrotti    
  • Sally Lacey    
  • Megan Allen    

ASA sponsorship for CRASH course

If you're registering for our next course and any CRASH course in the future, we are pleased to announce that the ASA will be sponsoring up to 20 participants a year towards the cost of attending the course.

The sponsorship is for $200 towards the virtual course and $400 towards the hybrid/face-to-face course.

You need to be a member of the ASA to be eligible and can find out how to apply on the ASA website.


This course is designed to be part of a structured return to work package and therefore does not suit those that are unable to return to work within the next 3 - 6 months.

Participants will benefit the most if they have completed at least one year of anaesthetic training as the scenarios and problem-based learning discussions assume a basic understanding of anaesthesia.

Participants must hold full general registration with AHPRA.​

ANZCA Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Knowledge and Skills - Short course, workshops, problem-based learning discussions, and small group discussions – 2 credits per hour.


There is no assessment component to the course.

Participants will sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the day so as not to divulge details of the scenarios. The performances and competence of participants will not be discussed with future employers or supervisors of training.

Emergency Response activities accredited for Major Haemorrhage and Cardiac Arrest.


"I'm still raving to people about how good the course was."

"Approachable and empathic faculty really help."

"Very useful course."

"An excellent idea has been transformed into a great course, which should definitely be part of the ANZCA initiative and funding to return to work."

"Very good to have one-to-one or one-to-two teaching."

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