We encourage people wanting to discuss their mental health needs to contact their local doctor (GP) first.

Making contact with your GP is a good place to start if you are not sure about what you need or what might work for you.

Doctor and patient in a consultation

Why do I need a GP?

The most effective pathway to recovery for people with mental health concerns usually involves a combination of medical, social and psychological supports. Your GP is a important part of the process, and a good person to help coordinate care for all your health needs.

The RMH's Mental Health Services will work in partnership with you, your GP, family and any other people you would like to have involved in your treatment and recovery.

I see lots of different GPs

It's a good idea to try to see the same GP or GP practice when you can, as it helps to have someone consistent to support you to look after your physical and mental health needs over time.

I don't have a GP

We strongly encourage you to visit a GP and engage regularly with them.

If you don't have a regular GP, or would like to see someone different, the National Health Services Directory provides information about general practices in your area.

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National Health Services Directory

A national directory of health services and practitioners, including GPs, pharmacists and hospitals.

Last updated 02 November 2022