We have relapse-prevention strategies, wellness and recovery plans, advance care planning, self-care and early warning signs to help you stay well.

This topic includes ideas and strategies, monitoring early warning signs, relapse prevention, setting realistic goals, wellness and recovery plans and planning ahead with advance statements.

When you are well can be the best time for planning ahead for when you may become unwell.

Relapse prevention

"Relapse prevention is an ongoing facet in my life."

Planning ahead and checking in with yourself and others to stay well and prevent relapse when returning to daily life.

Sleep, saying no, relaxing, family, friends

How a balanced lifestyle, self-care and saying no can help prevent relapse.

Life purpose, volunteering, study, consumer advisory group

"A pinnacle in my recovery was actually the purpose."

How finding purpose can aid in your recovery.

Top tips: Sleep, medication, goals

Sleep and goal-setting can help prevent relapse. Some people also find medication is a valuable part of their recovery.

Benefits of a recovery plan

"Just being open and honest and asking questions can really help someone stay out of hospital."

How creating a Wellness and Recovery Plan and being aware of your early warning signs can prevent relapse.

Recovery through work goals and supports

It's important to not tie your self-worth to your employment status when returning to the workforce and daily life.

Self-care, grooming, diet, exercise and sleep

"Self-care is really, really important to my recovery – and to staying well as well."

Knowing your early warning signs when you're unwell can help you to steer yourself back on track and prevent relapse.

Working on recovery, taking charge, coping tactics

Work out what works for you on your recovery journey.

Support groups, trauma-informed care

"Finding support groups and the support they offered was pretty profound and changed my life completely."

How support groups and trauma-informed care can be life-changing for some people.

Last updated 02 November 2022