We provide short-term intensive treatment and support in a residential setting to adults as a less-restrictive alternative to an acute inpatient admission.

Key points

  • We offer early intervention to those becoming unwell or at risk of relapse, as well as a place for people to start their recovery journey post-discharge from inpatient care
  • PARC is suitable for those who do not require admission to an inpatient unit but benefit from more intensive treatment than Community Teams
  • Our service encourages links to people's natural supports and their participation in community life
Patients need a referral from their GP or healthcare provider. Access referral information

What we do

Our Adult Prevention and Recovery Care (PARC) service is short-term, residential treatment with a recovery focus.

PARC is:

  • An important alternative for early intervention for people becoming unwell or in the early phase of relapse
  • A stopover for those who need further stabilisation and recovery before they return to their normal place of living after discharge from an acute admission

We provide:

  • Active specialist mental health assessment and treatment
  • Safe, time-limited accommodation
  • Relapse prevention and management
  • Recovery-oriented services including psychosocial rehabilitation, problem-solving and intensive support
  • Opportunity for consumers to participate in structured programs that aid recovery

Our recovery focus

We provide coordinated, recovery-oriented treatment and support for people to start their recovery journey or to strengthen gains from the inpatient setting before resuming their role in the community.

Our service encourages links to people's natural supports and their participation in community life. 

Our PARC services aim to lessen the possible difficulties and stresses experienced by family and carers in supporting people who are acutely unwell and receiving community treatment.

Who can use our service

Our PARC service is aimed at people who:

  • Are aged 16 years or over
  • Are eligible for adult area mental health services
  • No longer require acute inpatient clinical intervention and treatment but would benefit from short-term, intensive treatment and support in a residential setting post-discharge from an acute inpatient admission
  • Are living in the community and require short-term residential support with intensive clinical treatment and intervention to prevent the risk of further deterioration or relapse

PARC is suitable for people who need the level of monitoring and clinical care that does not require admission to an inpatient unit, but would benefit from more intensive clinical treatment and psychosocial support than can be provided by our Community Teams.

Where we are located

Our PARC service is located in Travancore. Watch the Wellways Travancore PARC video tour.


We accept referrals for this service

Call Triage on 1300 874 243 to discuss a new referral.

If your patient is currently seeing a clinician at one of our clinics and you would like to discuss treatment or care plans, contact the appropriate local mental health service directly and ask to speak to the key clinician, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

For out of hours support, call Triage. If your patient is presenting in an emergency situation, call 000 for an immediate response.

Special referral instructions

HealthPathways Melbourne provides guidance on best practice assessment and management of common medical conditions, including when and where to refer patients.

Parkville Connect is a secure web-based portal providing GPs, specialists and other health professionals with information in the Parkville electronic medical record (EMR).

Contact us
Arion Prevention & Recovery Care (PARC)
Arion PARC
50 Flemington Street, Travancore, Victoria
Inner West Area Mental Health Service Administration
Waratah Community Health Service
641 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds, Victoria
Last updated 29 August 2023