Clinicians can securely access Electronic Medical Record (EMR) on their mobile device from any location using Epic's Haiku and Canto mobile apps.

Follow the steps below if you are outside the RMH network (not using the RMH Wi-Fi or connected via VPN).

If you are connected to the RMH network, use the instructions on the Connecting Care website.

Step 1: Download the Haiku or Canto app

Using your mobile device, download the app:

Haiku and Limerick for iPhone
Download Epic Haiku and Limerick for iPhone
Haiku for Android
Download Epic Haiku for Android
Canto for iPad
Download Epic Canto for iPad

Step 2: Get the password from Epic

You will need a password to set up the app. You can find it on your Epic dashboard.

  • Log in to Epic using your username and password
  • Select the dashboard activity
  • The password is in the dashboard section labelled ‘Haiku / Canto Password’.
  • Record the password for entry in step 4.

Step 3: Set up the app

Turn off the Wi-Fi on your mobile device.

On the device, follow one of the following links:

Set up Haiku on your iPhone or Android device
Open this with your iPhone or Android device to set up Haiku
Set up Canto on your iPad
Open this link with your iPad to set up Canto

Step 4: Complete set up

Follow the on-screen prompts to:

  • Open the app
  • Enter the configuration password from your Epic dashboard (refer to step 2)
  • Accept the licence agreement
  • Login with your Epic username and password

Email for help.

Last updated 25 October 2023