The RMH aims to provide the best possible health services and care for you. You need to understand your rights and responsibilities while attending the health service. 

Your participation in your care is important.

We can work well together when we recognise the knowledge and experience each of us brings to any discussion, listen to each other and respect each other's views.

An important feature of this partnership is the acknowledgement of the feelings you may be experiencing as a result of your illness or being in care. This statement helps you understand how you can expect to be treated and how we can work together.

An effective partnership in healthcare is made possible when we:

  • Speak to each other with respect and honesty
  • Listen to each other’s opinions
  • Treat each other without prejudice, and with consideration for cultural diversity
  • Respect each other’s private time and space.

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria brochures are available at all RMH wards. This brochure explains your rights for making decisions about your treatment and care, as well as your responsibilities to ensure staff can best meet your needs.

Find out more about the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria.

Understand your rights and responsibilities

Keeping in touch with family and friends
Protecting information about you
How you can play your part
Making decisions on your behalf
Your access to services
The care you receive
Suggestions, concerns or complaints about your care
Your decisions about your treatment will be respected
Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights
Mental Health and Wellbeing Act – Statement of Rights

Links & documents

Health.vic: Statement of rights
Rights, processes, and cultural respect for recipients of mental health and wellbeing services.
Health.vic: Mental Health and Wellbeing Act
The Act sets the foundations for a reformed mental health system, and has a range of objectives that aim to achieve the highest possible standard of mental health and wellbeing for all Victorians.

Rights and responsibilities brochure

Τα δικαιώματα και οι υποχρεώσεις σας
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Greek
Cuøng Nhau Coäng Taùc Trong Vieäc Chaêm Soùc
Your rights & responsibilities: Vietnamese
Assistenza sanitaria in collaborazione
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Italian
Bakımda Ortaklık
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Turkish
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Simplified Chinese
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Traditional Chinese
حقوقك ومسؤولياتك
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Arabic
Xuquuqdaada iyo waajibaadkaaga
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Somali
حقوق و مسئولیت های شما
Rights and Responsibilities brochure Persian
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Last updated 07 July 2023