The Royal Melbourne Hospital is part of Australia's public health care system and offers hospital care to any Australian resident under Medicare arrangements.

You can choose to be admitted as either a public or private patient within a public hospital with no out-of-pocket expenses for services or care. 

In addition to providing care to public patients, the RMH also provides care to:

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Private patients

Electing to be admitted as a private patient at any of our facilities provides the Royal Melbourne Hospital with additional revenue, supporting us to continue offering the highest quality care in a safe and caring environment to the benefit of all of our patients, consumers and community.

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Patients without a Medicare card

The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a public health care facility. All patients who want to use our services must have a Medicare card or eligible for free medical care.

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Patients from countries with reciprocal rights

The Australian Government has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) with the governments of certain countries.

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Asylum seekers and refugees

Asylum seekers and refugees are provided with free medical care (including diagnostic services) in Victorian hospitals.

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TAC and WorkCover patients

Accidents do happen, so it's important if you are involved in a transport accident or a workplace accident, that you get the support you need to cover the cost of your treatment at the hospital.

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Last updated 11 November 2022