Maintaining your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is important to us.

Your medical history, treatment and any information provided to the hospital are treated with the utmost confidentially.

We cannot use or pass on your information about you to anyone unless you agree, or unless it is required by law.

Read the How the Royal Melbourne Hospital is protecting your privacy brochure to find out what happens to your personal information.

We respect your right to refuse your information being passed on. If this is your wish, please ask staff for the Refusal of Consent to Disclosure and Release of Information form and complete it as soon as possible. This form should also be completed if you do not wish to be contacted about fundraising or other hospital activities.

You may ask to see the information we hold about you. You may request to view, have photocopies taken or to request that any information be changed.

Find out more on Freedom of Information (FOI).

Information collected by the Royal Melbourne Hospital
Refusing disclosure of information
Disclosing information without consent


Last updated 14 March 2023