Your satisfaction is important to us as, as well as to the Victorian Government.

Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey

After being discharged, some patients will receive a letter or an email from the Victorian Government asking them questions about their hospital experience at the RMH.

Your feedback is anonymous and combined with other patients’ feedback to provide our hospital with a report. This feedback assists us in improving services for patients, and in comparing our performance with other hospitals. Participation is voluntary – you do not have to complete the survey.

If you receive a Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey and wish to speak to someone about it, call the Survey Helpline.

Survey Helpline


Phone: 1800 356 928

RMH Patient Experience Survey

The RMH Patient Experience Survey is an online survey which is emailed to patients or their nominated carer a day or two after they are discharged from the hospital.

This feedback helps us to understand what was good about your experience in hospital, and to improve our services. We encourage you to complete the survey if you receive one.

How will my privacy be maintained?

Any information that could identify you will remain confidential.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital has given you a unique number so that your name and address does not appear anywhere on the questionnaire. Your responses will only be used to provide information about the quality of the services the hospital provides and to help us to improve these services. After you have completed the online questionnaire your responses will be entered into a database. Once your responses have been analysed, your unique number will be removed from the database so that your data is non-identifiable. This means that anything that could link you to the information you have provided will be removed.

If you decide to take part and then later change your mind, you are free to withdraw from the survey up until the point where your unique number has been removed.

Any report or publication of the results will not contain information that can identify you.

Once the survey is complete, the non-identifiable data will be securely stored in electronic format. The data will be held in the Royal Melbourne Hospital offices for at least 7 years after completion as required by Victorian law. Your information will only be used for the purpose of this survey and it will only be disclosed with your permission, except as required by law.

It is anticipated that the results of this survey will be published and/or presented in a variety of forums. In any publication and/or presentation, information will be provided in such a way that you cannot be identified.

By completing this questionnaire you are providing your information to be used for the above purpose.

Contact Consumer Liaison to find out more.

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Last updated 21 December 2022